Clean Land Field, Soil Treatment &...



Treatment and recovery of contaminated land fields

 Reactivating and regenerating of land fields

 Rehabilitation and regenerating of oil and chemical polluted areas,

 Technologies for preventing of oil spill and liquid- chemical spill caused by accidents and damaged ship or tankers on the sea or on the roads (prompt action technologies)

 Landfill recovery systems (contaminated and non-contaminated).

 Bio- Organic agricultural systems (non-genetically modified seeds), using non-chemically hazardous fertilizers, non-polluted water and non-contaminated soil for plants etc.

 Supplying of top standard land field machineries and equipments.

 Technologies and devices for testing of the contaminated soil and land fields

 Land field and forestry management, projects, studies.

 Treatment and recovery of contaminated land fields,

 Clean ground water systems and management,

 Water irrigation systems (incl. using Rain water, snow-water and water circular-systems)Energy efficient and new types of Glass- Houses for all kind of plants

 Odourless Organic Composting and Fertilizers

 Production technology for production of organic odourless compost and fertilizers from non- hazardous organic waste

 Supplying advanced odourless Bio-compost technologies, mobile composting machines & stationary composting plants,

 Desertification Control and Desert Recovery

 Top recent technologies for desertification control systems, ecological rehabilitation and regeneration of deserts by new environmentally plantation and effective technologies, stopping the devastation of sandstorm on the habited areas located around the deserts by natural and ecological barriers, study and project realization and management.

 New technology “Battling against desert locusts”, by applying unique harmless and non-hazardous new system and products, stopping their swarm and eliminating them in a shorter time, monitoring and controlling the swarm’s directions etc.

  Safety and Security technologies, Life preserving technologies

 Safety in buildings and roads:

 New and especial safety constructions techniques for Roads and all types of Tunnels including top monitoring, communication and information technologies including different prompt rescue and evacuation systems as well as fire fighting systems.

 Security & Monitoring devices and systems for various industrial and safety purposes, in urban public transportation systems, public centres, buildings, roads and tunnels, undergrounds/ Metros, Parking lots, parks, factories, airports and railway stations as well as for various industrial and safety purposes etc,...

 Life Preserving and Safety Systems and devices:

 New developed, unique, top effective “Life Preserving Air-Jacket”, and advanced safety technologies and equipments against avalanches and sea accidents

 Oil and Gas Industries

 Petrochemical downstream technologies in cooperation with famous companies

 Oil and Gasoline Refineries in cooperation with top expert companies

 Air Pollution Control

 Advanced entire filtration technologies and stems for efficient reduction of air pollution caused by various industrial and construction-material manufacturing plants,

 Air pollution- smog and dust reduction- solutions and technologies (various size of smog refinery units),