Water & Waste Water...



Urban water and wastewater treatments including processing systems and technologies (supplying entire plant and equipment)

 Waste water recovering and clearance, complete processing plant (small, Medium and large plants)

 Equipments, technologies and devices for testing of the contaminated water (River, lake, ground water, pipe lines, see and coast area) Water and wastewater test and laboratory applications and instruments (mobile and stationary Lab)

 New top effective system and technology for decontamination, disinfection and purification of drinking water, wastewater, lower ground water (contaminated by garbage- storages or wastewater drainages etc,...)

 Cleaning and decontaminating rivers, lakes and shores

 Rural wastewater purification and recovery for irrigation or for drinking water purposes

 Clean ground water protection and water management etc,..

 Technology and equipments for rain and snow water reservoir for drinking and irrigation water supply by reusing filtered and processed rainwater and snow water, supplying entire equipments for low and medium habitants areas as well as for the Agra- lands and for desert regeneration projects.

 Flood water reservoir systems.

 Different sizes of wastewater clearance, disinfections and processing plants applying top effective and less expensive, non-hazardous technologies

 Water management and water conservation systems

 Wastewater canalization systems for various sizes of towns and villages as well as drinking water processing units.

 Evaluating and supplying of various single water- counter devices, water purification devices suitable for individual consumers and end-users (houses and apartments).

 Technology and Supplying of various single and mobile water containers and small water purification devices suitable for supplying drinking water in the catastrophe areas as well as for individual travellers

 Clean water and clean rivers program by continuously monitoring, testing systems and cleaning methods.