Environmentally Clean Urban Transportation Systems


Clean Urban Transportation Vehicles and systems:

 CNG/LPG/Hybrid/Dual Fuel/Bio Fuel / Bio Diesel/ Fuel Cell engine low-floor buses, minibuses, vans, passenger cars, trucks etc,...

 Cooperation for supplying CKD concerning assisting local semi-production lines,

 Monorail systems and projects

 Underground /Metro, monorail, BRT bus systems etc,...

 CNG and LG powered engine marine ships

 Gas E- Generators, Technologies, know-how and equipment supply,

 “LRV” Low floor electrical Rail Vehicles (Tramways)

 Cable cars (Tele- cabins, Tele-bus, etc).

 Electrical Car and Vehicles, Motorcycles and bikes

 Special Smog-Filtration and exhausts devices for all types of cars, trucks, buses, public transportation vehicles and motorbikes.

 Installation of CNG and LPG Gas Stations, equipments and know-how, Training and Management Programs