Transferring Know-how & Technologies...


Technical & Administrative Consulting and Management

 Our “ Intl. Senior Consulting Group ” is a group of top valuable experts and well experienced Intl. Specialists and consultants mainly professors and high educated personalities with decades of Intl. practical works, studies and publications in the fields of our activities. We provide and render International & national various studies and consultancies to the State and private sector- based projects, mostly in cooperation with local senior experts in different countries.

 Technology Transfer, Know How, Licensing, other Services

 Cooperation with reliable and potential serious partners in different countries and areas for transferring and implementing our selected and clients required technologies, training, transferring the best suitable approved technologies and know-how, realizing projects and or up-dating and renovating existing production-lines, machineries and equipments under our supervision are our group’s programs.

 Quality control naturally will assure and assisting our clients and partners to manufacture top-quality products according to the Intl. standards.

 Indeed, this kind of activities, not only will assist the esteemed clients to use the best environmentally approved technologies, but at the end effect shall reduce also a higher percentage of emissions on the environment.

 We are preparing and providing business and feasibility studies, doing joint- researches, technical and administrative expertise consulting, project planning, engineering, technology and know-how transfer, assisting in evaluating technologies and in purchasing equipments.

 We also are providing and supplying entire machineries of complete production- lines on turnkey- plant bases, supervising, management, training, relevant services.

 For some selected projects, co-financing and or full financing arrangement possibilities concerning realizing those projects on BOT, BOOT, Buyback and or other reliable and suitable guaranteed bases, establishing local joint-venture and other cooperation forms are also realizable.

 Technology and know-how transfers 

  Actually, our aim is not only providing machines and equipments or entire turnkey plants to our clients, but also to find reliable and potential serious partners in the business- targeted countries and or areas for transferring and implementing selected and required top technologies and know-how for long-term reliable cooperation.

 Furthermore, renovation of existing production lines and altered machines, establishing new factories as well as up-dating, supplying machineries and equipments, training and possibility of our supervision in manufacturing procedure for quality control and keeping the qualities and efficiencies of equipments at the Intl. Top levels are also our purpose, specialties and capabilities.

 Quality control of the production lines, materials and equipments, will naturally assist our clients to get best efficiency and higher out-put level from them and to manufacture top-quality products according to the Intl. standards.

 This kind of activities indeed, not only will assist our esteemed clients to use the best environmentally approved technologies, reduce and conserve their energy consumptions and obtain lower production costs, but at the end effect, they’ll reduce automatically a higher percentage of emissions on the environment as well.
 Preparing and providing of Business and Feasibility studies, consulting,
Research Facilities, General planning, Design and engineering for architecture, mechanical & electrical systems,, Project development concepts and master plans, Client's engineering, Project development & financing, Technology & know-how transfer, providing and assisting in supplying equipments and machineries, Turnkey contracting, Supplying complete production- lines on turnkey bases, supervising, Project management (total operational management and facility management) Training and commissioning, Relevant services and possibility of co-financing in establishing and realizing some projects are also our main activities.