Sustainable & Renewable Energies...



Sustainable & Renewable Energies as Solar, Wind, Biogas, Biomass, Bio fuel and Bio Diesel as well as various types of Hydro, Geothermal Electrical Power Plants

Wind Energy:  New type of Wind turbine (horizontal system) with more efficiency and less production costs as well as modified conventional types of wind turbines (Vertical systems), Wind park planning, engineering, supply and installations, operation and services).

Solar Energy:

Top quality and high- efficiency new types of Photovoltaic panels for residential & industrial purposes

Thermal panels (Solar) for residential & industrial

Solar Park Projects

 Biomass Energy:

Technology, know-how, planning, Projects on Turnkey- plant bases, supplying equipments, individual small units for household as well as for use in industrial complexes (heaters and warm water supply units).

 Hybrid Technologies,

 Fuel Cell Technologies, Hydrogen Power Plant, research, studies and technologies

 Bio- fuel Technology (ethanol production), Project Studies, know-how, project planning, Projects on Turnkey- Plant bases, Technology transfer etc...

 Bio Diesel Production- technologies. Project Studies, Power Plant projects (on Turnkey base), supplying equipments and know-how.

 Used-oil recovery (industrial oil, automotive and cooking oil), technologies for recycling and recovering process and production of Bio- fuel as well as for re-use in automotive industries.

 Biogas Energy, Technology and know-how, Project planning, Turnkey- Plant,

 Hydropower projects  (in small and medium sizes) as well as especial types for using in various sizes of rivers. 

 Geothermal power Technologies (Energy generated by heat stored beneath the Earth's surface aka underground)., Warm water supply for individual household, industrial scale projects including E-Power plants,

 Liquid Coal (CWM) and solid Coal Technologies, research, project studies and Turnkey- plant-Project

 Bio- Methanation technology (Methane gas) from Agro-Industrial residues for energy recovery and nutrient recycling

 Power plants (LPG, LNG, CNG, engines and E-generators Environmentally non- fossil oil- engines and generators)

 Warm water supply by using "Waste-to-Energy" technologies and project, Thermal-Waste treatment and Recovering Technology on Turnkey- plant-base for District Warm-Water supply Project (24 hours district warm water supply via Pipeline) and Electricity production from environmentally gained non-hazardous Urban residue and non-recoverable garbage. This technology prevents using millions of hazardous pollutant-heaters and boilers by consuming millions of litres of worthy fuel/day in the cities)

 Electricity Production from Ocean waves,

 Production of electricity by installing Under-Water Turbines at the Ocean and rivers ground

 Plasma technologies for production of electricity, research and cooperation with International top rank universities, as well as for waste recovery