Environmental Construction Technologies &...


Passive or Environmentally Energy Saving Houses (suitable for public and commercial as well as for industrial buildings)

New environmentally and energy saving top resistant architectural buildings and construction systems and technologies (dwelling, residential houses, commercial buildings, Sport centres, hospitals and health care centres, Thermal and wellness centers, Spa centers etc.) including materials- evaluation and supervisory, supplying equipments, engineering, management etc...

  Special Energy saver sandwich panels (made by recycled products or in combination of virgin materials

Renovating, restoration and equipping the old houses to Energy saving house- systems, technology, know-how and architecture (Residential, Commercial buildings, Hospitals and Clinics, Schools etc...) 

New Hospitals and Clinics, Hospital infrastructure plants, medical equipment package, Hospital infrastructure plants

   Construction products and systems (isolation and insulation materials against cold, humid and all weather conditions etc as well as fire retardant products made by various recycled waste material

 Sound absorber walls (sound and noise- crasher special designed walls) for streets, roads, and railroad as well as for industrial areas (made by various recycled waste materials).

 New and top “Safety tunnel construction- technologies and systems” for roads and railroads (Top safety, security, monitoring and controlling systems, various fire extinguisher systems, emergency rescue systems and exits, Smog filtration and fresh air systems, environmentally waste water and smog cleaning systems etc) this complete technology enables to build or restore all types of tunnels to a “new type of top safety tunnel systems in the world.

 New stronger- asphalt technology an materials made by old asphalt and recycled construction materials.

New technologies and materials for manufacturing of earthquake resistance, fire-retardant, waterproof panels (modules) for using as prefabricated houses (local- production possibilities). These resistant module houses could also be installed easily and promptly in the catastrophe area.

Light- concrete and wood-cement mixed technology and know-how..

New technology for protection of the buildings against birds’ debris.